Mount Ephraim – Tunbridge Wells

A full scaffold installation carried out quietly and carefully in the heart of the town during Spring 2017.

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Services provided

  • Full perimeter scaffolding with debris netting installed to the facade.
  • Pavement licences sought and obtained from the local authority on behalf of our client.
  • State of the art scaffold alarm system deployed.

What we did

We designed and then erected a full perimeter scaffold to allow minor roofing repairs and decorative work to be carried out safely . A canterlever style scaffold was erected above the adjoining property to allow access to the chimney stacks without the need for scaffolding to be placed directly onto the adjoining property's roof.

We also used this method in order to minimise disruption and noise for the busy offices below.

The scaffold was provided for Mel Boxall Painting and decorating Contractors and Roofmasters Ltd

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Tunbridge Wells Mount Ephraim Scaffold Installation Overview
Tunbridge Wells Mount Ephraim Scaffolding Chimney
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Tunbridge Wells Mount Ephraim Scaffold Installation Safety Netting